And now I have my symbol cane..

DE54A618-6A93-49E7-9BF5-860B6A2330DCD70FDE2A-4FB5-4DB4-99EC-13FE1E7961AAYesterday I had a visit from my local sensory services team. I had rung them a couple of weeks ago, explaining how I thought I might need a cane now….

For the last couple of months, I had been tutting and huffing under my breath, because people at London Euston train station, were getting in my way! It was only after a couple of near mishaps with peoples telescopic suitcases, that it dawned on me that it was actually me getting in theirs! Oops!

So, the team came out, and I now have a symbol cane that I have named “Seymour” inspired by a lady from an RP group that I belong to. I have put some little glow in the dark stickers on, just because really.

They were brilliant and made me feel so much better about a lot of things.

I had originally had a visit last October, shortly after I was registered as sight impaired. I was asked about a cane then, but I politely declined. I said I was ok, but looking back I wasn’t really. I was more worried about the stigma attached to having one and using it in public. And that overtook my feelings of desperately needing some form of help that was less conspicuous!

So I bumbled along.. literally! Bumping into people who I felt had cut across me. Busy London train stations are like that I told myself. Everyone wanting to be there yesterday… my peripheral vision had got worse, but I didn’t take that on board straight away. Or didn’t want to maybe…

My Dad felt I would be vulnerable walking around with a white stick, especially at night. I could see his point, but little by little I was struggling to get from the platform to the exit.

And then the desire for help and support far outweighed public opinion. Plus there was no more room on my shins for bruises! So I rang them, and I’m very glad I did.

They put my mind at rest and made sure I was happy when they left. I am on the waiting list for mobility training and will then get a longer cane with a roller ball on the end. I was measured up for that too.

So on Monday, Seymour and I will have our first little trip out together. I’ll let you know how we get on!

There are two pictures at the beginning of my blog of Seymour, my symbol cane. The first picture is a close up of one of the glow in the dark stickers, it is a butterfly. The second one is of the top of the cane leaning against a white/cream coloured wall. The stickers are of a small smiling heart, and the other is of a little star wearing dark glasses.

#RetinitisPigmentosa #HaveCaneWillTravel #I’veGotThis

2 thoughts on “And now I have my symbol cane..

  1. Welcome Seymour (I like what you did there). You sound so positive and I love that you are being independent and pro-active. The way you have written this makes me feel the bumps and turbulence of Euston station too.

    Thank you xx

    Ps: you’re right…. you have got this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much too Jane! Euston station is exactly that at times. So Seymour will help me get about more easily. I’m glad you liked it. Thank you so much for your support xx


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